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No one can command, energize, and inspire a room like ‘H’ John Mejia— ‘H’ will have your audience buzzing long after the event! When he speaks, he delivers inspiration and usable take away information.

Positive results always follows! His engaging mix of his real-life stories in sports, television, and business, provide the foundation to proven business strategies that keeps everyone engaged with a desire to learn. His high energy and passionate presentation style, captivates and empowers every audience!

‘H” always creates the ‘WOW’ factor .

'H' John Mejia is a motivational speaker for business
'H' John Mejia KeyNotes, Meeting Presentations, and Training Sessions can Include Topics on:

  • the code to business peak performance
    The CODE to Business Peak Performance

  • secrets to accelerated sales growth
    Secrets to Accelerated Sales Growth

  • media marketing in the new digital age
    Media Marketing in the New Digital Age

  • power of entrepreneurship
    Power of Entrepreneurship

  • the side hustle playbook
    The Side Hustle Playbook

  • new style of leadership
    New Style of Leadership

About ‘H’ John Mejia

  • Award Winning Celebrity TV Host & Producer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Author of ‘Step Into Your Zone ‘
  • Media Marketing Expert
  • Branding and Business Strategist
  • Top Sales Producer
  • At CMC-Meridian he and his team have helped clients generate over three billion dollars in sales
  • CEO of Business Zone Agency and Brands
  • Founder of Multiple Start Up Companies
  • CMC-Meridan Agency $250 million in cumulative sales over the years
  • Former All American Football Player | Signed NFL and USFL contracts
  • Multi Talented | Multi Dimensional Helps Drive Companies Bottom Line Results

THE Next Steps
Thanks for considering ‘H’ John Mejia as a speaker for your event.

Here’s the process to consider ‘H’ and his team to deliver for you:

  • Pre meeting phone consultation with ‘H’ prior to your event, to be able to assess your objectives and to learn how to customize the message to deliver the best results for you and your audience.
  • Proposal Agreement Sent
  • Final Approval on Agreement
  • A power-packed, passionate presentation packed with real-world examples and focused on achieving your outcomes.
  • A custom slide presentation, as needed to your settings and audience.
  • Post event follow up
'H' John Mejia business consultant and advisor
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    His new book, ’Step into Your Zone’, ‘H’ share his secrets through his experiences and struggles to help you breakthrough and experience the ‘Zone’ and produce the business results you desire!

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    “H” has advised companies big and small. His innovative strategies are proven to deliver you bottom line results!

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    Looking for speaker that can make a lasting impact ? Let “H” John Mejia deliver a high energy, exciting ,and engaging message that audiences connect with and learn from!

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